Mystery Audits

How your customer perceives your service quality determines your customer satisfaction levels. It is the indirect, unsaid, un-explicit requirements of the customer which become the biggest “dis-satisfiers” for customer service and not what the customer states directly. You may like to create highest levels of customer delight by using DQS Mystery Shopping Research Program Let us make the maximum out of winning. Use our mystery program. You win. The DQS Mystery Program is fundamentally designed to fulfill the high level business requirements of enhancing business and organizational performance. The structure of the DQS Mystery Program is created to understand the organizational need of improving business and relating them to key customer issues. We do it well. We do it better than others.

Mystery Audit Program is carried out by competent professionals who go through a qualification process on subject matter expertise, product knowledge, customer profiling and customer needs. Go for Mystery Audit Program and you will see the difference. Mystery Audit Program creates a significant impact that creates sustainable improvement in your customer Get bonded with the customer

In order to catalyze company’s operations and gain customer’ confidence in your services, we will provide you with perfect custom made Mystery Audit Program which will provide you with inputs for improvements.

Get an Edge over Others

Our Mystery Audit Programs provide you with a competitive edge over your competitors because they are based on competitor profiling and latest trends in the market related to customer choices. DQS approach to endow you exclusive and effectual Shopping Mystery Audit Programs. Following are the portfolio of services:

  • Mystery Shopping (customer experience evaluation)
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey (customer perception analysis)
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey (objective employee perception evaluation)

The main motive to join our hands with your organization is to fabricate the competencies in the team so as to enhance the sales and enhance the profitability of the organization. With our devotion to provide you with best of mystery audit service you can accomplish the customer loyalty.

Enhance profitability – Make a Right Choice

Selection of right Mystery Audit / Mystery Shopping agency which will create a remarkable and evident difference in the profitability and performance of the organization is a complex as well as a vital decision. Your one wrong decision in choosing a Mystery Audit / Mystery Shopping agency will lead to wastage of time, effort and energy.

Why Mystery Audits from DQS Certification India?

DQS Certifications India provides the following advantages over the competitors available in the Mystery Audit market:

  • A huge database of independent mystery auditors collected through emails, online resume submissions
  • Selection of the auditors based on the Experience, Interest, Past Profile
  • While selecting auditors management of impartiality is a major consideration
  • Independent auditor report verification and validation by the DQS Senior Auditors