About mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping audit program is a tool to measure quality of retail service. It is an independent and constant examination of the ‘real’ practices being followed at customer interaction points and what are your customers really thinking about your products and services? It helps in evaluating the practices in relation to defined standard requirements and help companies to achieve consistency as well as continual improvement in their customer delivery models, standards, procedures.
In simple words, it provides following insights:

  • What is happening at customer interaction points?
  • How far or near it is from what supposed to happen?
  • What perception a customer is making?
  • How is over all customer experience?

Each audit results in a detailed report highlighting qualitative and quantitative data findings for the audit and also highlights the improvement plan based on the audit findings. All this information allows our clients to identify both their strong and weak points so that they can improve in the required area, which Our expertise in providing mystery Shopping services to any business will help them to win their customer’s trust and loyalty.  “Dispensing true value” and thereafter realization of “utmost benefit” by our clients is the core guiding principle of our training regimen to our mystery Shopping auditors.

Our trained mystery shopper auditors conduct anonymous and unannounced visits, evaluating all aspects of services and offerings based on a pre-established criterion. Mystery Shopping audits are focused on the aspects of service that an average customer notices and expect. For example, time spent on waiting before being served; the courtesy shown by sales person; their dressings, identification badges etc.

Our objective facilitation and your efforts jointly can give a path to your business in delivering the faultless and unswerving services to your customers.

In today’s aggressive business environment where competitors immerge with new strategies in every alternate second, it is of utmost importance that brand standards, procedures and practices are executed to the perfection throughout every part of business thus paving path for new strategies to come along.

Our mystery Shopping services are designed to identify flaws and inconsistencies in delivery of brand standards and execution of established procedures and our reporting protocols gives you confidence in the business intelligence we gather.

We are always at your service with:

  • Highly research oriented mystery Shopping program
  • Structured reporting protocols
  • Feedback and reporting based on business requirements
  • Trained and unobtrusive mystery shoppers
  • Dedicated client account manager
  • Prompt communication for business critical non compliances