Customer Service Training

Most of the brand standards and procedures implementation issues are linked to skills and training of delivery personnel, hence providing Training Services is one logical extension of Mystery Shopping and Brand Audit Services.

DQS prides itself to be a successful provider of Comprehensive solution packages to its clients which has been greatly successful in realizing goals set from Business Intelligence Program.

We leverage our long and intensive experience of retail sectors and our expertise in providing lively and result oriented trainings in realizing goals of our clients to manage customer delivery practices meeting to brand standards and procedures.

Our approach to conduct training sessions is completely different; the invigorating approach of conducting training with simulated exercises and relevant games makes learning for personnel very easy and effective. Our trainers have experience of variety of customer interaction modes and they have been exposed multi cultural and geographically different scenarios.

Our trainings are designed after careful examination of mystery Shopping results and client needs to deliver trainings to achieve objectives which are reflected through increased customer footfalls and sales.

These training sessions will be full of examples and activities which will initiate participation and enables a constructive alteration in the employee’s approach at workplace. Our training program will help you to identify the challenges faced during customer interaction and critically examine them in order to design the appropriate action plan to win the customer.

Every organization has a dream to grow and glow in the competitive environment. Organizations which aim at delivering the quality services but face customer handling challenges, our support can make their job easy and can create better understanding between the client and employee, With our services you yourself will see improvement in your sales performance.