Standards Audits

We have in-depth understanding of role of standards in operational efficiency, delivery consistency, organizational image and over all organization performance. In light of such importance, standards audit becomes a very vital program to ensure that the standards are implemented to close to perfection.

We undertake audits to verify that the brand standard, organization standard or any other benchmarked standard is implemented in the organization and provide with information on implementation challenges faced by delivery personnel. An audit criteria could be derived based on the standard a business like to follow and then a structured audit report is provided giving information on compliance to standards. Audit report can also be supported by photographic evidences relating to audit findings.

Our standards auditors are trained on some of world’s recognized management system standards and they undergo training on client’s standard before commencement of any assignment. We also support our clients with development of training modules followed by standards audit.

Our standards audit program delivers following key benefits:

  • Considerably improved performance and administration.
  • Audit service will provide you a chance to compare the business operations with the financial performance of the business.
  • Detailed information standards compliance
  • To enhance accountability at every level of the organization.
  • Improvement in the visual presentation of your business.