Car Dealership Mystery Shopping Programs

Our car dealership mystery audit program is highly customized and provides you with very accurate business intelligence about how your dealership network is performing.

Our services includes purchasing vehicles from dealership and experience the all the steps which are involved in car buying from opening of dialogue, to demo, to explaining the features, to paperwork, to delivery, to post delivery support etc.

By this way we can facilitate you with highest quality of business intelligence and make you aware about practices dealerships.

Each of our service is specifically designed to meet our client’s requirements. We have developed a Program to provide quality services for our car Dealership Mystery Shopping Programs to our clients which includes the following.

  • To experience car purchase.
  • To experience service of a car
  • To experience repair work (minor fault) issues.
  • To experience demonstration
  • To experience accessory Shopping
  • To experience paperwork facilitation

We can customize our services to include requirements being derived from specific needs of our clients.