Incentive and Recognition Solutions

We design and execute solutions for staff incentive at every level of the hierarchy and for every aspect of your business. With our long and intensive experience in soft skill oriented delivery mechanisms, we have come to understand the nuisances of incentive schemes to motivate personnel and thus meeting key operational challenges.

We recognize the importance of rewarding personnel because it boost up their moral to perform better  and create a sense of belongingness towards the organization which will ultimately leads to build the reputation and increase the productivity of any organization.

Our solutions are not just off the shelf “Best Employee” kind of incentive scheme, because we understand such schemes serves very limited purpose. Our solutions aim to widen the spectrum to promote an inclusive environment and encourage team spirit.

Certain important aspects of our incentive solutions, which makes them effective:

  • Widen the spectrum of incentives and try to incentivize larger chunk of personnel
  • Incentivize team achievements and promote team spirit
  • Try to build up a kind of incentive Program that helps to improve the working style of the employee.
  • Always make sure that you should carry your side of words on time.
  • Always bear in mind the you should be equal for all employees, and it should be very clear in their minds that what they are suppose to do in order to improve in their working.
  • Always recognize the employee who wins the reward in front of the whole staff.
  • Always select a kind of reward that your employee will always value.
  • Clearly convey your expectations from your team to them.

Incentive programs can be combined with mystery Shopping to realize optimized results in terms of faster and sustainable business growth.

Our inimitable move to combine mystery Shopping with incentive program is being  used by hospitality sector to their advantage.