Mystery Dining Program

Though service standards in dining domain could quite subjective, our mystery dining auditors comes from a background which is conducive to provide a calibrated feedback regarding dining experience in most objective manner.

Mystery dining programs are designed to give you the diners’ perspective as what he thinks about the way he is being served and what he feels about what is being served.  It can allow business to evaluate critical tangible and non tangible aspects of dining experience of a guest and provides an opportunity to take appropriate actions.

Our experienced mystery dining auditors has good degree of knowledge on soft skills as well as food and beverages to enable them to discern what is right from what is wrong.

In dining domain it is very difficult to identify  the dissatisfaction level among the customers because it is general tendency seen among the customers that there are hardly 10% of the customers who write a complaint for the services if they don’t like,  rest 90%  do not bother to complain and does not come back to dine again. Our Mystery dining shoppers comes very handy to overcome this challenge and provides objective views to business.

Our Mystery dining program methods and tools are designed to faciliate following results:

  • To improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase sales and profits of the organization.
  • create brand value
  • Precise and trustworthy customer feedback.
  • Enhance performance to deliver competitive edge to your competitors.
  • To facilitate our customers with the tailor made prescription.
  • World best dinners.

Our mystery dining auditors training module is specifically designed and focus on food and beverage knowledge along with soft skills.

The main purposes of providing personalized programs are:

  • Objective evaluation of guest experience
  • Identify gap between brand standards and actual practices
  • Provide customized reports to clients
  • Identify potential training and competency gaps
  • Evaluation of all services provided from entry to exit
  • We can also focus on talk-away orders and home delivery orders.