Mystery Shopping Program

Mystery Shopping programs are designed to give you the customer perspective as what he thinks about the way he is being served. It can allow business to evaluate critical tangible and non tangible aspects of customer service and provides an opportunity to take appropriate actions for shaping customer’s perception favorably.

These programs will allow you to know the customers expectations and help you to analyze the factors in favour of or against the business.

As the customer’s expectations changes from business to business but the basic elements of every business remains as follows:

  • Improved customer  service standards
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction levels.
  • Increased sales and profits.

Mystery Shopping program help business to identify, the likes and dislikes of the customer and how does customer feel while interaction with your brand.

This program can evaluate each element of customer interaction in granular manner and identify issues resulting in poor performance.

This program will help you to identify the following keys points:

  • Are standards followed?
  • Do personnel have good product knowledge?
  • Are personnel proactive in selling?
  • Are customers getting, what they are supposed to?
  • What are the factors which are discouraging a customer to make buying decision?
  • Is your brand being well represented?
  • Do personnel require further training?
  • How do store measure up in performance with each other?
  • Whether incentive scheme reflected in customer servicing?
  • Are all stores having consistent practices?
  • Would customer come back?

We have very long and intensive experience of managing Mystery Customer Program.