Secret Shopping

The most horrifying nightmare for any organization is when its competitors take away his customers.

The success of any organization depends on its customers therefore it becomes very important to provide excellent customer service and enrich their experience with your services. The more you care for your customer the more they bend towards you.

In this competitive world it is very common that you will find your competitors at every second step with better or at least same level of facilities, infrastructure, product range and ambiance. So ultimately what differentiates a business from its competitor is “customer relationship” which if formed on the basis of trust and loyalty.  Hence it is very important for a business to have accurate and reliable information on customer experience, because it is the only driving force to win customer trust and loyalty.

We have designed and executed certain very rewarding Secret Shopping Programs. Our Secret Shopping Programs helps our clients to know the key reasons as to why shoppers would like to come again or why they wouldn’t like to enter in their stores again. We help to map Strengths, Opportunities, Threats and Weaknesses for our client’s business very clearly.

We design services to suit specific needs of our clients. We offer following services:

  • Secret Shopping.
  • Secret Shopping along with the internal training curriculum focusing on winning customer loyalty based on customer feedback received.
  • Covert Shopping along with the internal training curriculum based on gaining the selling acumen based on business intelligence gathered.

Our customized reporting system enables our clients to overcome with business issues that will turn their customer experience in a positive direction resulting in generation of customer loyalty.  We employ time tested tools to generate business intelligence data which leads to a remarkable difference in your working and hence drive you on the path of success.

Our inputs for developing training methodology coupled with smart business intelligence through secret Shopping surveys puts us in different league than other Secret Shopping service providers.