Mystery Shopping Questions

How will I come to know that what wok has to be done?

We will always be in touch with you either on mail or on telephone and provide you necessary information regarding the assignments. Kindly ensure that you provide us with your telephone number or your email address.

How much work I have to do?

There is no such target number of assignments you have to complete. It all depends on your availability and your interest in carrying out the assignment.

What criteria I have to fulfill for working on a particular assignment?

We select our mystery shopper on the basis of following criteria:

  • Sector Background
  • Location
  • Availability
  • Ability to carry out the project
  • No conflict of interest

What equipments do I need?

You are required to have internet connection and an active email address. You are also required to have printer to print your assignment details.

What Dress code mystery shopper should follow?

As you are there for mystery Shopping, so you should not look different from the crowd. Only difference between your presence and others is the motive of your presence. Even if some assignment requires some particular dress code we will let you know in advance.
You must never disclose yourself as a mystery shopper.

 How much would be the length of an assignment?

In every brief of any assignment the time required to complete the project is mentioned so when you go through with details please be careful.

What preparations would be required to carry out the project?

Be careful while planning mystery Shopping assignments and make preparations in terms of learning about client’s products and series.

What kind of Importance to be given to Briefs?

Briefs are most important item and you must read and understand them carefully. They tell you about how the assignment to be carried out. It is very essential that you remember the details given in the brief as every client has different report. Do refer to the brief every time when you conduct a Mystery Shopping
If you are facing any problems please feel free to contact us.

What practices to be followed, while conducting Mystery Shopping?

Following practices needs to be followed while conducting audits

  • Do remember that you are in disguise for that reason doesn’t make use of any notepad with in the location of the visit.
  • Trail the brief.
  • You must learn by heart the key points about the location of your visit.
  • You must have a purpose.
  • The client delivery personnel have the chance to inquire about the reports and hence the information you present must be 100% correct.
  • Do not draw others attention to yourself.