Top Tips for Shoppers

Note down the assignment dates
It is very important that once you have done contract with us always keep a track in your note books or diaries for your bookings and if not received the necessary deliverables then please contact us.

Kindly go through the brief before taking up any new assignment.
Please ensure that before starting any new job you will go through the brief very carefully. You should be able to complete the project within allotted time frame and in case you face any problem please contact us through email.

Take a print out of your assignment brief.
Always remember to take a copy of your assignment brief so that you can always memorize when ever it is required. Your identity as mystery shopper must remain secret. Don’t ever use pen and paper or any electronic item to record findings at audit place. Memorize and record once you are out the place.

Always remain a mystery
Don’t become centre of attraction. And draw other’s attention towards you. Be normal.

Correctness of information is very important
It is very essential that you should record the names of all staff members. Make no guesses, for example if staff name is not visible, then describe his/her looks. Keep to the facts. All stakeholders in the program are interested in facts and not opinions.  Don’t ever judge or compare two assignments against each other.

Authenticate your assignment
Always authenticate your assignments with proofs like signpost; site, landmarks etc. keep all receipts of purchases as these confirm the point of time and appointment date.

Maintain a record of your findings.
Allocate adequate time to each activity to be completed and record your conclusions as promptly as feasible so that you will not miss any significant information.

Systematize your paperwork
Keep a track of your receipts and expenses systematically. Loosing receipts may result in loss of your money.

Be in touch with us
If you face any kind of difficulty in carrying out and completing the assignment, please feel free to contact us so that we can give you our inputs where it is required.