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Management System Certification

DQS Certification India Pvt. Ltd. partners with AFNOR Group of France ( – an international service provider – with worldwide focus for providing Management System Certification Services. Positioned internationally as 5th Largest Certification Organization of the world, AFNOR Group is an integrated service provider for Management Systems Certification, Product Certification and Inspection, and many specialized and niche services, including Certification of Competencies of Personnel. AFNOR Group has 75,000 certified sites in 90 countries and more than 50,000 companies from all over the world trust AFNOR Group and its services.

AFNOR Group provides certification, inspection and auditing services in all key markets for over 30 industrial sectors and now feels privileged in bringing its highly unique services to Indian market and Indian Customers through DQS Certification India Private Limited.

DQS Certification Provide following Management System Certification Services in India: