Personnel Certifications

We at DQS Certification India provide Personnel Certification services to individuals willing to test their competence and demonstrate their capabilities to existing and potential employers.

These certifications aim at evaluation competence of personnel in respective field and provide assurance of competence of candidates having certification.

These Personnel Certifications indicates a professional level of competence and proficiency in the principles and practices of quality assurance in the IT profession.

These are a widely recognized certification in the software industry now. As a certified professional, you would be able to demonstrate the skills and capabilities necessary to manage the relevant functions and hence will be able to play a huge role in building the organizations.

Getting certified always helps in following manner:

  • Indication of a level of knowledge and competence
  • Certification can be a deciding factor in hiring, promotion, and salary action decisions
  • Recognition by IT management for professional achievement
  • Competency resources to IT staff
  • Reorganize or first step the fresher to enter in the IT industry.

Presently Following Personnel Certifications are available: