Customer Satisfaction Surveys

What are Customer Satisfaction Surveys?

What can be more beneficial for you to know, what your customers are really thinking about your product or services? But it is not possible or is very difficult for you to do the same so the solution is to hire DQS Certification India for the same. DQS Certification India prepares and conducts customer satisfaction surveys that reveal details of your customers opinions of their customer experience.

Benefits of Customer Satisfaction Surveys

  • Direct reporting to you from customers of what is and is not working
  • You get a list of problematic areas and areas for improvement quickly
  • Cost effective method compared to other means
  • Helps in increasing Customer Satisfaction level in products and services

How it works?

At the very first step a customer survey focusing on the key attitudes/behaviors is developed, that contribute to your Customer Experience Management initiative. Then Customers are invited to through invitations are by the Marketing Department via an email, memo, and letter and/or posted on the bulletin boards. This invitation can be clubbed with an incentive, so that customers are interested to join.

As part of the program, Customers are required to complete the survey anonymously. All results are collected and verified by us for quality assurance, analysis, and reporting. Then a detailed review reports, including summaries with detailed insights and Findings Report, is prepared and provided to you. This report enables you to take work on problematic areas and areas for improvement quickly.

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