Employee Satisfaction Surveys

What are Employee Satisfaction Surveys?

The employees positive attitudes play a major role in generating positive customer experiences and driving the overall brand loyalty for a company. The front line staff is your primary interface between you and your customer. Their attitude can leave a mark of your brand experience on the minds of customers. Our employee surveys make it easy for you to regularly take a rating of your employee’s attitudes and our efficient reporting allows you to quickly identify areas for improvement, enabling you to take immediate corrective action to grow and protect your brand and increase the Customer Satisfaction in your brand.

Benefits of Employee Satisfaction Surveys

  • Direct reporting to you from employees of what is and is not working
  • You get a list of problematic areas and areas for improvement quickly
  • Cost effective method compared to other means
  • Helps in increasing Employees and Customer Satisfaction level in each other

How it works

At the very first step a brief employee survey focusing on the key employee attitudes/behaviors is developed that contribute to your Customer Experience Management initiative. Then Employee survey invitations are issued by the corporate HR Department via an email, memo, and letter and/or posted on the bulletin boards.

As part of the program, Employees can complete the survey anonymously. All results are collected and verified by us for quality assurance, analysis, and reporting. Then a detailed review reports, including summaries with detailed insights and Findings Report, is prepared and provided to you. This report enables you to take work on problematic areas and areas for improvement quickly.

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