Brand Protection Audits

What is Brand Protection Audit?

In today’s world it has become very difficult for companies to protect their Brands. A Brand audit help in determining the strengths and weaknesses of an existing brand, or to cover all measures when establishing a new brand, a brand audit proves to be of great value. Dealer network is the most important factor in establishing the brand. When your dealers are fully committed they build the brand as well as drive the business forward. Therefore, it’s critical for you to ensure that your dealers properly maintain and respect the brand. However, due to discrepancies, large expensive communication campaigns for building a brand image can fail. Brand audits help you there to build Brand cost effectively.

Benefits of Brand Protection Audits

There are various benefits for Brand Protection Audits like:

  • Better relationship with Dealers and Employees: Brand Protection Audits are an effective tool that ensures your dealers and employees comply and continue to comply with company standards.
  • More trust and Improvement in Brand Identity: Brand Protection Audits are designed to focus on specific criteria that customers notice – general appearance of staff, sales processes and your brand’s communication. So results provide you with a greater understanding of where and how to improve the customers’ perception of your brand.
  • Better Brand Protection: Once a common understanding of the standards has been established between you and dealers, dealers can support your brand in the best way possible.

How do we perform Brand Protection Audits?

We measure different Brand Metrics to measure the effectiveness of Brands, Image and Impact. Together, they comprise the elements by which brand equity can be measured.

We measure the following metrics as part of Brand Protection Audits:

  1. Brand Image Measures: These are the measurements of a brand’s ability to rise above the static of the marketplace and carve out a position in the collective minds of prospects and customers. We capture many parameters for evaluation for image metrics calculation like Awareness, Recognition, Relevance, Preference and Loyalty
  2. Brand Impact Measures: These measurements determine performance and are the most critical elements in determining Brand Equity. Different parameters are evaluated for impact metrics calculation like Market Share, Profitability, Life Cycle, Customer Life Value and Brand Equity
  3. Brand Loyalty Measures: This asset combines characteristics associated with Image (Brand Loyalty, Name Awareness) and Impact (Customer Life Value and Price Premium). Different parameters are evaluated for brand loyalty calculation like – Name Awareness, Perceived Quality, Brand Associations and Other Proprietary Assets

During the Brand Protection Audits, dealership’s compliance is tested with respect to the existing code of conduct of the sales processes set by you. Our audits uncover any problem areas in your network with the regard of dealers’ conformity to your company’s standards of quality and service, so that you can take the necessary steps to preserve one of your most valuable assets – your brand.

To maximize the effect of Brand Protection Audits, Mystery Shopper Audits are provided complementary in which professional auditors plays the role of a customer to reveal the gaps, issues related to Customer Satisfaction. Using an agreed set of criteria, our auditors visit dealer, in the guise of a customer and then report on the service elements that a normal customer would notice.

We also provide Brand Protection Audits at competitor’s dealerships, so that you can have useful information about their dealers’ attitudes, strengths and weaknesses and can implement better options to enhance your brand image.

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