DQS India has developed various Microsites on different topics related to CMMI. These topics include CMMI Assessment, CMMI Assessor, CMMI Certification and CMMI Templates.


CMMIConsultantBlog.com provides latest FAQ on the different topics including CMMI, Information Security and other relevant topics. Posts are posted by the team of CMMI Experts.

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CMMI-Maintenance.com provides information on different types of Maintenance Services required by CMMI Implementing Organizations. DQS have experts who can execute and can help in executing different CMMI Tasks and Activities.

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CMMI-Assessment.com provides information on following topics:

  • Assessment
  • CMMI
  • CMMI Assessment
  • DQS India – CMMI Assessment Services

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provides information on following topics:

  • Assessor
  • Who is CMMI Assessor?
  • Different types of Assessors
  • ATM Based Appraiser
  • How to become an Assessor?
  • How to prepare for Appraiser Examination?

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provides information on following topics:

  • Certification
  • CMMI Certification
  • Difference between CMMI Certification and Certification
  • Does SEI conduct CMMI Certification?
  • How DQS India can help in getting CMMI Certification?

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provides information on differenet aspect of CMMI Consulting, how DQS can help with the World Class CMMI Consulting Services provided through highly qualified CMMI Consultants.

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CMMI-Templates.com provides information on following topics:

  • What is a template?
  • What is a CMMI template?
  • Role of CMMI Templates in CMMI SCAMPI A Assessment?
  • Significance of CMMI Templates
  • Advantage of Maintaining Templates in Real-Time
  • DQS India – CMMI Services
  • CMMI Toolkit
  • CMMI As Is Assessment
  • Pre Assessment
  • Advantages of working with DQS India
  • Contact DQS

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CMMI-Training.com provides information on following topics:

  • Training Methodology
  • Different CMMI Trainings
  • You can ask Questions
  • View profile of Senior Management
  • Trainings Photo Gallery

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