DQS Certification™ Certified Associate Software Quality (CASQ)

DQS Certification™ Certified Associate Software Quality (CASQ) is a widely recognized certification in the software industry now. As a CASQ certified professional, the QA executives will be able to put the QA principles into practice in the right manner at the right time and hence will be able to play a huge role in building the organizations. Approach to CASQ

Approach to CASQ

  • The approach to CASQ is simple-make sure you understand all the topics given in the CBOK as per CMMI® model very clearly. First decide when you are going to write the exam.
  • Get a copy of the CBOK as soon as possible, if you are not having it.
  • Also try to correlate the quality principles/concepts which you are studying to what you are doing/have to do in your current and future roles as a QA Professional.

If these steps are followed, it should not be a problem in getting CASQ certified.

For more details see FAQ

Curriculum for CASQ

  1. Principles and concepts of CMMI® model
  2. Process and Product Assurance
  3. Process Planning
  4. Process definition, Implementation and Improvement
  5. Process Monitoring & Control Practices
  6. Metrics & Measurement
  7. Quality Audits
  8. Configuration tool and Practices
  9. CAR & DAR practices
  10. Cost of Quality (COQ)

Applying for Candidacy

Eligibility Prerequisites

To qualify for candidacy, each applicant must meet one of following prerequisites:

  • A 3 year degree from an accredited college-level institution
  • A 2 year degree or diploma from an accredited college-level institution and 1 years experience in the Information Technology field
  • Three years experience in the Information Technology field

Depending upon a compliance sample selected according to program criteria, the applicant may be required to provide detailed education and/or employment documentation supporting the prerequisite option selected on the application. If selected for verification, the applicant must supply the documentation to the program.

Applicants who fail to provide the requested documentation will not be allowed to sit for the exam or, if the exam has been taken and passed, may be subject to de-certification.

Filing the Initial Application

A completed Certification Candidacy Application must be submitted through the member area for any particular certification. This application is intended to be used by working professionals who feel they are prepared to sit for, and pass, the required examination for the certification designation for which they are requesting candidacy.

The initial application fee is as follows:

  • $120.00 (includes PDF version of CBOK)

Fees can paid by Credit Card or through Cheque/Demand Draft, for more details see Payment Policy.

Candidates for certification that relies only on limited experience or too few/specific study materials typically do not successfully obtain certification. Do not apply unless you feel confident that your work activities and past experience have prepared you for the examination.

Examination Procedure

  • The Exam will be conducted through DQS Certification™ India center and candidate can able to appear on any days.
  • Walk-in exam procedure for Objective & Subjective papers on the same day.
  • The exam consists of two papers, one objective paper (45 minutes) and one subjective paper (75 minutes). Duration is 2 hours and to pass you need overall average of 75% on the exam.
  • You will need to read CMMI® Model outside CBOK to clear subjective questions.

On-going Candidacy

It is critical that candidates keep their Program records up to date. Many candidates change their residence or job situations during their certification candidacy. If any such changes occur, it is the candidate’s responsibility to change their Certification Candidacy Application information in the Member’s Area.

Once a new application is accepted and approved, the Candidacy begins the date the application fee was processed. The candidate then has 12 months from the date the application fee was processed to take their initial exam. If after the 12-month period the candidate has yet to take the initial exam their candidacy will expire. The candidate must then reapply for candidacy and pay the current application fee to begin the process again.

If the initial exam is taken inside that 12-month period, a second or third sitting, if required, must be completed within 24 months from the date the original application fee was processed. After the 24-month period has elapsed their candidacy will expire. The candidate must then reapply for candidacy and pay the current application fee to begin the process again.

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