What is Recertification?

Knowledge within a profession doesn’t stand still. Having passed the certification examination, a candidate has demonstrated knowledge of the designation’s Common Body of Knowledge at the point in time of the examination. In order to stay current in the field as knowledge and techniques mature, the candidate must be actively engaged in professional practice, and seek opportunities to stay aware of and learn emerging practices.

Certified professionals are generally expected to:

  • Attend professional conferences to stay aware of activities and trends in the profession,
  • Take education and training courses to continually update skills and competencies,
  • Develop and offer training to share knowledge and skills with other professionals and the public,
  • Publish information in order to disseminate personal, project, and research experiences, and
  • Participate in the profession through active committee memberships and formal special interest groups.

Recertification Options

It is the desire of the DQS Certification™ to maintain the highest degree of integrity within Software Certifications. To maintain this integrity a candidate must maintain a current knowledge base of quality principles, practices, and technical knowledge as the information technology industry advances or becomes obsolete. By requiring that the candidate maintain and increase their level of competency through various avenues of education and activity, the Board is assured that the certification standards of integrity are being met and the value of the certification designation is being maintained.

To assure that this is happening, and that the candidate is maintaining knowledge and skills that are state-of-the-art in the field, the candidate must demonstrate continuing professional education activities.

For recertification send a mail to DQS Certification India Private Limited.

Recertification Deadline

Recertification is required every three years on the anniversary of the date of the most recent recertification (or original certification) date. Login to the portal and click on My Certifications to see a list of your current certifications and their expiration dates.