Agile and WaterFall – What is the difference

When moving for Agile Project Environment for the first time, people have many confusions and one of them is the difference between Waterfall and Agile.

  • Scope of the Project: One if the main difference between Agile and Waterfall Model is about Scope. In Waterfall Scope is fixed at the starting of the project whereas in Agile Scope is collected at the start of each Sprint (Small Period in which releases are done)
  • Project Cost and Budget: Cost and Budget of the project in Agile are tide to the Sprints. Whereas in Waterfall they are decided mostly upfront at the time of project initiation based on the overall scope of the project.
  • Project Planning: Project planning is an extensive step of the Waterfall based model. In agile no such comprehensive project planning is done but planning also not absent in Agile projects but is divided into small sprints.
  • Focus of Project Team: In Waterfall model, Project teams have focus on Documentation and Development whereas main focus of the project teams remains on the Development and Documentation is done bare minimum.

DQS India – Providing Support for migtration from Waterfall to Agile

Companies migrating to Agile from other SDLC models can take professional support from DQS India for developing custom processes for mapping their current activites to Agile activities. And with CMMI Specific Practices, without over burdening the teams with extra documentations or more irrelevant activities.

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