Switching to Agile from other SDLC Model

How to switch to agile software development lifecycle from other SDLC Models and using CMMI for Process Improvement

This happens with all types of IT Companies having CMMI and trying to move to Agile from other SDLC Models. They are in dilemma of effect of the Agile project and related activities on the CMMI Process Improvements. They are more concern about the free nature of Agile Project and Processes of CMMI and they don’t know how to take advantage of the both. And they think that combining both (Agile and CMMI) will lead to confusion in project teams, project delays and will lead to financial loss. A big question haunt them that how they can combine the both and take full advantage of both i.e. Agile and CMMI.

How DQS can help in switching to Agile and using CMMI as Process Improvement

There are proven techniques, which we have developed over a period of time while working with many such organizations that can help all organizations shifting to CMMI and Agile environment:

  1. Culture Change: The first and foremost parameter that can kill the whole idea of the combining the Agile and CMMI is the attitude of people involved with projects and process improvement activities. The help of our Orientation Techniques we can help in overcoming this barrier for organizations and can create an environment where people feel that it will help their organization and them too. For the Orientation we provide all sort of support in terms of guidance, posters, and initiation kits.
  2. Organizational Process Change: Next step is to identify the required processes for the Agile and at the same time that cover the requirements of the CMMI. These may be ported from existing Processes based on other SDLC Models.
  3. Training on Agile and CMMI: Once the people are changed and are motivated to adopt the new baby and processes are in place we plan trainings for them and help them in learning what they do and what is required by CMMI and how a little tweaking in different artifacts like Daily Stand-up meetings, Estimations etc. can fulfil the requirements of CMMI. A number of trainings are provided to them to understand the concept and before they can take advantage of both.
  4. Implementation in Projects and Assessment: Now project teams are equipped with all knowledge and tools to do implementation in agile projects. Once we have a good sample implementation assessment can be done to check the effectiveness of implementation and to identify gaps so that they can be closed.
  5. SCAMPI A Assessment: Once we have a good sample of implementation projects a formal SCAMPI A Assessment can be conducted and organization can be appraised for a Maturity Level.

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