CMMI Implementation in Agile Environments or Using Agile with CMMI

Today Software Industry has changed its working style from earlier days of Water Fall SDLC model to new SDLC Models like Agile. With this comes many challenges and confusions for Software Teams and also for Process Implementers and for Organizations as a whole. We may find people earlier working with Traditional SDLC models and now working with Agile and having fair idea of differences between the two and there are many who have started directly with Agile so have confusions related to Process Implantations in Agile Environments and think both (Agile and CMMI) can go hand in hand with each other.

Contrary to their understanding, both are models and have different purposes. CMMI is a process improvement model and provide with guidance for process improvement leading to better products and enhanced customer satisfaction. CMMI does not impose any restriction to work with a particular SDLC model. Whereas Agile is a SDLC model for Software Development activities and help Software Teams in developing Software Products with more client interactions, input and confidence. With these points about both of them, we can be quite sure that both CMMI and Agile can blend with each other in a very harmonious way.

Companies having CMMI and working with Agile can have Processes suited to Agile Projects (and activities) and that can fulfil the needs of the CMMI Practices. Mapping between the CMMI Specific Practices, Process Areas and Agile activities like Daily Stand-up Meetings, Product Backlog, and Sprint Burn Down chart can be done so well that working with Agile and CMMI becomes a life-style for the project teams.

DQS India – Services for Agile and CMMI Implementation: Customised Processes Development

Companies having CMMI and Agile can take help from us for developing custom processes for mapping Agile activities with CMMI Specific Practices, without over burdening the teams with extra documentations or more irrelevant activities.

DQS India – Implementation Support for Agile and CMMI Implementation

Once these processes are in place, Project teams are trained to implement these process in their projects. Guidance is provided until they are fully conversant with the defined processes and their implementations. After a reasonable number of implementation samples, an assessment is done to assess the current situation and to identify the improvement ideas. Again teams are guided for specific inputs collected from assessment. And this cycle is continued till a satisfactory condition is attended. So these processes make it easy for project team to implement CMMI with Agile or using Agile with CMMI.

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