CMMI Maturity Level 4 or Maturity Level 5

How to achieve CMMI Maturity Level 4 or Maturity Level 5 working with Agile?

What about CMMI High Maturity Levels – L4 and L5 and Agile?

There are many misconceptions about CMMI High Maturity Levels 4, 5 and Agile Environments in the Software Industry and people find it hard to find solutions to their queries for implementation for CMMI High Maturity Level 4 and 5. DQS India provides the professional guidance and expertise for implementation in Agile Environment moving towards CMMI High Maturity Levels (4 and 5).

How DQS can help in achieving CMMI Maturity Level 4 and 5 with Agile Environments

Our approach makes it easy for you to understand the requirements of the CMMI High Maturity Levels and also how to fulfil those requirements while working on Agile Projects. Implementation approach is divided into CMMI Maturity Level 4 and CMMI Maturity Level 5 requirements:

  • At CMMI Maturity Level 4 the focus remains on the Quantitative Project Management using Process Performance Modelling that includes creating Process Capability Base-lining, Predicting and Controlling the Performance of the project. For this we utilise the different Metrics and Estimation data collected from Agile Projects using their Burn-down Charts and Sprint Log and suggest required tweaking in the reports so that requirements for Level 4 can be met.
  • Whereas the focus at CMMI Maturity Level 5 remains on the Defects Corrective and Preventive actions and Organizational Performance Management. Data for Level 5 Implementations is collected at organizational level from different projects for issues and defects databases, lessons learnt and then Defects Corrective and Preventive activities are planned and executed. For Performance Management, after study of the working of the organization and after conducting different analysis performance improvement activities are planned, executed and monitored.

At each level of Implementation we provide compressive guidance and expertise to complete the CMMI High Maturity Implementations and leading to best results in CMMI SCAMPI Appraisals.

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