How to use agile to implement CMMI?

CMMI is not a step of a process that can be implemented directly, but is a kind of Guideline or Best Practice that guide you what to do and not instruct to do specific task or activities. Whereas Agile is something that demands to do activities like Daily Stand-up Meetings, Product Backlog, Sprints Log, Sprint Burn Down chart etc. With our vast experience in the Software Industry, we have developed an approach for Agile and CMMI Implementation that we called as Active-CMMI.

DQS approach for CMMI Implementation in Agile Environments: Active-CMMI

After years of experience and research DQS India has developed a unique, practical and easy to use approach for CMMI implementation in Agile Environments, as described below:

  1. It involves about training Project Teams for CMMI, CMMI with Agile, what is available and what is required.
  2. Conducting CMMI Gap Analysis for the Agile Processes (if available) and Projects to identify the Gaps in implementations with respect to CMMI.
  3. Create mapping of the Agile Processes (if available) and Projects activities with the requirements of CMMI.
  4. Next step is to close the gaps in Agile Processes (if available) and Projects with the existing process and project artifacts and activities and small tweaking wherever required.

This approach helps organizations in blending the Agile with CMMI. Active-CMMI has been implemented at various organizations and has been proved to be effective without adding burden on project teams.

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